GeoJoint Update – June 15, 2019


It is 10:38 PM. I have updexhaustedated the look of this website over the last 2 days…yet again. It is true, I actually updated it last week. Well, I did it again, completely redoing nearly everything. I hope you like it. (I do.) Please, feel free to contact me with any suggestions or problems you see. There are several more aspects to this website that I need to work on (especially mobile). Please bear with me.

The future will hold many small updates. I will need to tweak the “algorithm”  to get the categories juuuust right. There will also be much more work on mobile. I tend use my smartphone, therefore this site will be able to be used on mobile, as well.

I also plan to add more blogs, especially personal blogs. If you know of any, please submit the link. It would be very much appreciated.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the changes to this website. Posts are not simply showing the latest, but are actually categorized, as well.