Add Your Link! 🔗 Link to your website. (It’s Free)

GeoJoint has a section where the reader (you) can add a link to your website(s). It is here.

I like to check out other geospatially-related websites. Others may as well. That is why I have added a new section where you can add your link. Hey, I’m not Google and I do not have an index of all websites on the internet. I have found some websites through searches or Twitter or LinkedIn, but definitely not all. I invite you to add your site to the list. You never know, it may help your business out. It’s free and easy.

What happens when you submit your site?

Three things will happen:
1) I will verify your website. I don’t want to publish a link that goes to a “not safe for work” website.
2) I will add your links to the categories that you requested on the submit form. I may move your link to some categories that I feel is more appropriate, though. I may also edit the description slightly.
3) I will attempt to add your site to the list of sources where I get the news (the main page). What does this mean? Any time your site gets an updated post, your post will get a link on this website. Don’t worry, the reader gets pushed over to your website to actually see the post. I am not trying to steal traffic, simply to find out the newest posts in one place. This works best on WordPress websites, but may work on others as well.

Must I Link Back?

No, a link back is not mandatory, at all. Please do not feel like you must do this. However, if you would like to link to the GeoJoint site, please do. Feel free to create any text link or use the picture below or something like that. You do not need to do this, though.

GeoJoint Logo

Here is the HTML code for a simple text link,
<a href=””></a>


In conclusion…