About GeoJoint

The Beginning … “for the lazy person”

This website started as a personal website..made specifically for 1 person. It was created to become a one-stop shop for news and geospatial information. In other words, it was made for this 1 particular lazy person (named Philip) to see all the latest news and blog postings in 1 place.

We all know that after going to 1 or 2 sites, we stop reading (and miss other important news). GeoJoint hopes to alleviate that problem…for all lazy people. This site is constantly updating with new articles, pulling from different sources, so check back frequently. It first opened up to the public in March 2019, just in case anyone else wanted to use it but it still continues to be used as a personal site for this one particular lazy person, Philip (seen below).


Here is the thing about this site... when you click on an article, you are forwarded to the originating source. GeoJoint is not looking to steal the internet traffic. It was built to become a single focal point to view the news within the vast geospatial realm. As mentioned above, it was built for one person, Philip, but was then opened to the public to help others identify new information and sources within this ever-expanding geospatial realm.

One thing to mention... if you see a pop-up ad between GeoJoint and a source site, it is the source website that has implemented them. This website does not use pop-up ads. (They are evil, evil things.) If you see any pop-up ads, feel free to contact me and I will verify that it is not originating from GeoJoint.


If you like the site, use it, and want to buy a cup or two of coffee ☕ (or beer/wine), or add to the staffs' college education, it would greatly appreciated. Feel free to send any donations...any amount is accepted from $1+. Simply choose from the drop box below or send any PayPal donation to "donations @ geojoint.com" or contact here. (A new computer would be extremely handy.)

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Our Team

Philip Roy, GISP

CEO, CTO, CIO, CFO, COO, IT, Admin, Editor, Founder, Owner, Problem Solver, GIS Guy, Lazy Butt, Snack Giver, Nap Taker, Daddy

Philip is the creator of this website. GeoJoint was built for him, by him, and expanded a little to let you utilize it, as well. With his team below, he has somehow built this website and keeps it running.

L. Roy

Chief Attention Grabber, Assistant Editor, Writer, Photographer

L. Roy loves attention and is the Chief Attention Grabber. Last quarter's winner of the Attention Grabber Award, Miss L. was happy to hand over the crown to her little sister.


Chief Information Grabber

The workhorse of this site. An outdated 1984 IBM 5150 "portable computer." OK, well technically it's not working on this site, but it would be funny if it was true.

I. Roy

Junior Attention Grabber, Writer

I. Roy loves attention as well. She loves to sing at the absolute worst times and doesn't have a care in the world. She won the latest GeoJoint's Quarterly Attention Grabber award.

Miss I. Roy typing up edits to the website.
June 17, 2019
Miss L. Roy making and approving final edits.
June 17, 2019
Relaxing after edits with an old version of Tetris.
June 17, 2019


Under Mr. Roy’s reign, GeoJoint has been viewed by at least 1 person (or bot) every single day since March. It's on a role!

Laziest News Site of the Year

2019 Laziest Geospatial Site of the Year, self-proclaimed

Awarded Three Snacks

Donated by the maternal parental unit

Two Naps Award

Awarded for May 2019
Both were taken and enjoyed by Philip

Attention Grabber Award

Presented to Miss I. Roy for the 1st Quarter, 2019
Her ballet recital won the hearts of all who attended