GeoJoint was not built to make a profit. (A little extra income would be nice, though, especially to help pay for hosting and other fees.) Please read below for any advertising options available or not available. Please note that this website is for geospatial news and information.


Banner advertising is on a case-by-case basis. You know, financing a case of wine 🍷 or a case of beer 🍻, or even a new computer case (with internals) 🖥 would also be helpful. 😁 In actuality, GeoJoint is not setup for any ads and I’m not looking to use them. So, no, banner ads are not available for purchase.


✒ Sponsored Articles and paid Press Releases is not available on It is recommended that you advertise at one of the major GIS/Geospatial news websites. Having said that, you are still able to submit an article for publication on GeoJoint. Please click here to write it up and submit it.


Nope! GeoJoint does not use these and has no intention of EVER using them. They are banned! If you come across a pop up or a pop under, please understand that they are not coming from this website. (Let me know if you are confident that they are and I’ll look into it.)


There are currently no plans to use Google Ads on this site. Why not? You don’t need to see an ad for a dating site or a baby stroller on this site (if you have hit baby websites in the past) and they probably track you WAY too much.


Donations are accepted. If you like the site, use it, and want to buy a cup or two of coffee ☕ (or beer/wine), it would greatly appreciate it. Feel free to send any donations…any amount is accepted from $1+. Simply choose the amount or send any PayPal donation to “donations @” or contact here for another donation method. (A new computer would be extremely handy.) If I receive a donation of any amount, I will create a Post thanking you or your company for the donation. Therefore, if you want me to thank your business or you personally, contact me with any details that you’d like included in the Thank You post. If you prefer that I do not thank you publicly, I will not post anything.

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Thank you for understanding this website’s Advertising options. Again, feel free to contact me at any time with any questions or concerns.