The links below are geospatial-related websites which have been submitted by fellow readers on this website. For ease, all links have been separated into categories. You are welcome to add your site provided that it meets these guidelines:

  • Your website is related to the geospatial/GIS world.
  • Your website is not 100% affiliate links and actually does have some content.
  • Your link must not be an affiliate link. (I may want to add one. )
  • You pay me. (100% just kidding 😜 No payment is needed.)

Feel free to submit your link(s). I may try and pull any blog or news posts into the main GeoJoint site to help push traffic your way.

There are no affiliated links listed. (I don’t make anything if you buy from them.) If I ever do put an affiliate link, I will mark it.


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  • Business Links - The websites listed here are all business (commercial) websites. They may sell products or services.
  • Data & Data Services Links - The websites listed contain data or provide data services.
  • Education Links - The websites listed are educational sites. They teach students or provide services that do.
  • Job Links - The websites listed list available jobs or information on jobs and careers.
  • News Sites - The websites listed are news websites and regularly publish news.
  • Personal Sites - The websites listed are personal websites related to the geospatial world.
  • Podcast Links - The websites listed publish podcasts. To view all current and old podcasts, click here. These were automatically brought in from the podcasts links that GeoJoint uses.
  • Social & Group Sites - The websites listed are social and group websites which may be regional or purely online. They may be business, non-profit, or personal.
  • Other Links - The websites listed do not fit in any particular category.

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